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human1981 unnie thank you for posting this pic…

they said they arrived together at the wrap up dinner party… omg my shipper feels!!! exploding… asdshfgkafasgfalsjg!!!… gawwwdd i’m dying!! brb i need to resuscitate myself

I miss you, I miss you so I shout out
The person I cared for crazily
I call out to you, I call out to you

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Hotel King [Episode 4 vs. 24]

Why are you looking at me like that?

[Ah Mo-ne]

She said the very same lines, yet, the emotions and situations that conveyed in both scenes were completely different. I just love to see how much their characters and relationships have grown and matured…After so many things that they have been through, I can only hope for a happy ending for both Cha Jae-wan and Ah Mo-ne.

EP.28 vs. EP.24 (forehead, cheek and lips kiss)

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